Taking Marketing Actions

Every marketing campaign and promotion starts somewhere. But where?

In the last 10 years of working with established clients from all parts of the world, “where” is the most elusive question clients have faced.

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To start any effective marketing campaign, the first action that has to be taken is: answer the WHERE:
  1. Where are we (the brand, the company, the team) coming from (with regards to the product/service)
  2. Where do we (the brand, the company, the team) need to go (with regards to the product/service)
  3. Where are they (the consumers, the customers)
  4. Where (geographically)
  5. Where (medium: social media, print, advertising)

Sitting down to answer these questions might seem easy.

answering the marketing questions may seem easy
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But it’s NOT 7/10 clients have not been able to answer these questions clearly without doubting themselves or each other. And… this is just step 1.

Taking Marketing Actions require courage, foresight, patience, discipline, experience but also, passion. What has passion got to do with this?

Lots. Theyellowbug.com will touch on passion in time to come.

For now… Passion encourages Thinking. Thinking about the where, why, who, when and how. Answering the questions honestly. Yes. Honestly.

The difficult part – is taking action. Marketing is action.

Thinking about the where, why, who, when and how
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The most common mistake marketers or CMOs make is answering the questions honestly and dispassionately. Of course it is important to believe that every campaign will work — it must! Yet, that’s not usually the case. Budgets and time are wasted over and over again from trial and error.

Marketing is a science about behaviour; and mathematical problem about who gets what.

Go ahead — try answering the questions above honestly and compare them with past campaigns, and see how many questions were really answered that way the first time.

Till next time…