SEO: How to rank a Single Page Parallax Website

The appearance on Parallax websites look cool, intuitive and improve user experience in navigating the website. But, how do you rank a one-page website on Google because there is a lack in content?

Many SEO and digital marketing experts will say that it is not worth it but this is not entirely true. What if the one-page website is your corporate website?  

Not to fret! Here’s how you can boost SEO for Parallax Websites:

Solution 1: Structure your URLs correctly

The key to create the crawable sections is to structure your URLs correctly. Google advises using full URLs for each section of the page. ✔️ ✔️ ✖️

Solution 2: Create and link to Blog

You can create many pages using Blog. Blogs are good for SEO in many ways. They are particularly awesome in the event that you need your parallax site to rank for more catchphrases.

Solution 3: Mobile-first design

It’s the best practice to design mobile-first. Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking since 2019.

Solution 4: Let it be

Not every website needs to be 100% SEO. Your parallax website really doesn’t hurt your SEO. Remember that the objective of your website is designed for your target audience.

If you think that a parallax website fits you or your business the best, don’t stress about SEO ranking. What can you do then? You can create a website like a blog for your intended audience. This will create more content that is suited for your target audience and you will naturally rank by Google.

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