Marketing Case Study (2)

Time for another case study to apply the last topic: “10 Questions Every Marketing Department Needs

Based on a true story:

Sara decides to use the 10 questions to design her next brief for “Awesome Campaign Y 2009”.

Question 1: What is the brand’s/business’ sales goal?
Sara: To increase awareness for the brand and sales.

Question 2: What is the timeframe to achieve this?
Sara: 3 months.

Question 3: What is unique about the product/service?
Sara: Product Y is the only product with colourful options.

Question 4: Does your campaign resemble what the competition is doing?
Sara: No.

Question 5: Who is the campaign for?
Sara: For new clients.

Question 6: What past campaigns work?
Sara: We had a social media campaign on Instagram that featured past customers’ testimonials and experiences.

Question 7: Why did each campaign work?
Sara: The messaging and the promotion used was relevant – and this encouraged customers to immediately redeem and interact with the promo.

Question 8: Why did the past failed campaigns, fail?
Sara: Boosted post with graphics and promotions under 5% did not perform well and generated little or 0 results.

Question 9: What is the expected return on investment (%) from the campaign?
Sara: We would like to see at least 10-20% increase in sales over 1 month during + after campaign.

Question 10: Is there a different answer to each question above?
Sara: Yes for questions 2 and 9.

Using the above answers, Sara was able to do up a brief. She was also able to consolidate a table of results for past campaigns for comparison and also identify what can get better results.​

winning campaign

The answers made it clearer and helped both Sara and the agencies available to create a winning campaign – this refines the image and the content.

It also create a list of deliverables and issues to watch out for. As a result, the campaign was a huge success. The communication between the agency and Sara was optimised. Budget was used efficiently and the campaign generated the expected returns.

Try it and let TYB know how these questions work for you.

Till next post…