Marketing Case Study (1)

Based on a true story:

Sara Li heads the marketing department at MNC company X. She calls up Agency Awesome to set up a campaign for a product that is to be launched in 3 weeks.

Her brief is as follows:

X Awesome Campaign 2009:

  • Budget $40k
  • Something Creative and different from competitors
  • No or little historical customer behaviour data to share
  • Must include everything from concept to execution plus copy plus stock imagery plus more
  • Target audience- customers
  • Deadline: End of Week

Now, what is wrong with the brief? Do you understand it? What is missing? Are the points truly important? Are they effective? Let’s not forget the layers of approval Sara needs to get before the campaign takes off and is executed.

Clients often think that creative agencies and marketing agencies are magicians. More often than not, it is truly the ingenuity of the right creative director. However, much budget is wasted finding that person within the right agency at the right price while delivering results.

Marketing is the action to promote a service or product. It’s not rocket science. It’s really first principles of analysis and understanding.

Understanding who? The consumers. The customers. Now look at the brief. It doesn’t say anything about the consumers or customers. It doesn’t talk about demographics. It doesn’t talk about preferences.

With such a short deadline, even though the budget is healthy, the brief is quite honestly, difficult to work with. Companies and individuals who want a quick buck – would just give Sara what she wants. But what she needs are results. Results through the increase of brand awareness or product awareness and ultimately, sales.

marketing is about result

Remember, marketing is about communication through action. The brief is the most important document for every campaign to be effective. Apply think, plan and do. Do up a checklist and create a brief from there. It doesn’t have to be filled with fancy creative jargon, just details of what is expected. That helps everyone involved.

P.S. if you or your marketing team are indeed the lucky few that do not experience hours of communication fine tuning small details, then, this article is not for you. But feel free to enjoy it. 🙂

Till next time…