Experience: Yay or Nay?

Work experience is important – it reflects how well you know a work task. It reflects how valuable you are. Every time you look for a new job or pitch for a project, the soaring question is “How much experience do you have exactly?”

After working on over 1000 projects related to marketing, I have had the pleasure of working with all types and sorts of people in the marketing department. From marketing interns executing their bosses’ wishes to marketing managers to marketing directors of APAC, I have sat down with most of them and spoken to them. Delighted to say, I have also been privileged enough to work with them through the years from planning to execution and then evaluating the campaign/project. With that, I have been a consistent constant through the different levels of experience.

I hear this question a lot – “How much experience?”

It seemed to reflect that the more experience one had, the more money you could command. Yet, after working with so many different people, of different experience levels – I discovered that experience is a double edge sword.



Well, experienced personnel comes with many good points such as being able to spot mistakes, knowing what works and what doesn’t, finding the most efficient way and the list goes on. However, the blaring issue is this: with experience comes resistance. The most experienced people usually are most resistant to change. They come with the “I know I am right” mentality.

On the other hand, an inexperienced person usually has less confidence and would probably make mistakes. Though, we must also look on the plus side: they usually have more creativity, and ideas and are more motivated to learn new things and try something new – because they are now the new consumers.

Afterall, marketing is about trying something new. Marketing is about creating something better. Marketing is all about growing.

So, what do you think, experience: yay or nay?


Let us know what you think.

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