Effective Marketing Campaigns

The common goal for every marketer is to make sure that their campaigns are effective. Wait. What exactly is effective?

Effective = Desired Results = Success

In the last 10 years of working with several clients and countless projects, here’s the reality:

“Effective Campaigns” = What Everyone Wants = Not What Everyone Gets

How do you get an Effective Marketing Campaign?

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

In a previous post: “Taking Marketing Actions“, TYB covered how.

Here’s a recap:

To start any effective marketing campaign, the first action that has to be taken is: answer the WHERE:

  1. Where are we (the brand, the company, the team) coming from (with regards to the product/service)?
  2. Where do we (the brand, the company, the team) need to go (with regards to the product/service)?
  3. Where are they (the consumers, the customers)?
  4. Where (geographically)?
  5. Where (medium: social media, print, advertising)?

Remember, Marketing is a science about behaviour. Marketing is about convincing your target audience that your service or product is the most suitable for them. Marketing is about showing that your product or service is affordable and is value for money.

To achieve desired results, it is important to identify what the “desired results” are to you?

Have you listed down what you want to get out of a campaign?

In moments like this, it is important to be SMART:

1. Is your campaign Specific?
2. Is your desired result Measurable?
3. Is your desired result Achievable?
4. Is your desired budget Realistic?
5. What is the Timeframe to achieve this?

Theyellowbug.com asks a lot of questions. Why? —> here’s another question!

Simple: Marketing is a science of behaviour. The behaviour of people. In trying to create information that people will accept and want, the main question to ask is: WHY? The biggest issue with campaigns is that there are not enough questions asked. Everyone is just anxious to see the results. It becomes a vicious cycle – it gets worse and worse as the campaign no longer performs. Budget is wasted.

WHY spend the budget on something that doesn’t work? You are better off using the money to “gift” your consumers/customers/target audience – and get better results faster.

Ask why. Because, why not?

Till next post…